David Ross Education Trust

Broadening Horizons

Welcome from the David Ross Education Trust:

The David Ross Education Trust is developing a network of unique and diverse schools and academies.

By supporting the needs of each academy, our mission is to ensure that each of these academies is recognised as outstanding, by supporting and broadening the horizons of staff, governors and, most importantly, students to ensure that everyone has access to a high quality academic education.

The Trust believes that each of its academies should have a unique ethos and character that responds to the needs of its local community. We strongly believe that parents should have choice and diversity and be able to choose from a range of schools within their area to best meet the needs of their child, but that once that choice has been made we will do everything possible to meet the needs of the child and ensure that they become successful learners and develop into young people who the family, academy and community can be proud of.

The David Ross Education Trust was established by the David Ross Foundation. To find out more about their work, please click here

We hope that this website gives you a flavour of what life in a DRET academy is like; the opportunities that are on offer and the achievements that are obtained.